5 Clay Face Mask

Dry Clay Mask

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A blend of 5 wonderful clays

  • Kaolin Clay - known for the silkiness it adds to cosmetic prosucts.
  • Zeolite Clay - has the ability to absorb, store and neutralize toxins making it a valuable detoxifying ingredient for beauty and spa products.
  • Ghassoul  Clay - When moistened with water,  the feel on the skin is smooth and almost lubricating whilst also exfoliating and drawing.
  • French Green Clay - A unique composition includes Iron, Silica, Aluminium, Magnesium, Calcium, Titanium, Sodium and Potassium (with a neutral pH of 7). 
  • Australian Pink Clay - Blended White & Red Clays for a ventilated clay for smooth skin.

Simply blend with water and milk to make a smooth paste, apply to skin and allow to dry (approx 15 mins) wash of with warm water, pay dry. Finish routine with a low oil moisturiser.